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October 8, 2015
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The Familiar Spirit and It's Role in Satanism

August 4, 2015
   Today's topic is an exploration of the familiar spirit in magic. A familiar is an animal that is more than just a pet; it is a companion in a spiritual and physical way that can protect you, comfort you, guide you and teach you in the ways of magic.

   Although it is not necessary to have a familiar to be successful in magic or witchcraft, having one will enable you to add an extra layer in your practices.
Familiars aren't often discussed in the context of Satanic magic or witchcraft. There is a feeling amongst Satanists in general that the practice of having a familiar belongs to the realm of paganism or Wicca. This is a misconception, because those that discount this kind of experience in their magic or witchcraft are missing out on the many benefits that having a familiar can bring. Satanism has no such rules or boundaries that apply to all Satanists.
    The cat is the most often chosen of these animals, for several reasons. Cats have an ancient history of being related to magic and the spirit world. It was the cat of ancient Egypt that was so revered that they had their own temples and were worshiped as gods. Cats have served their role in humanity by being protectors of our food sources, and were at one time a very important part of society. It wasn't until much later in medieval times that cats (and black cats in general) became a symbol of the underworld. Cats were associated with witches as a liaison of the devil because of their nocturnal nature.

   With all of this, during the era of the witchcraft trials, cats were hunted and killed alongside the innocents of the era. They became messengers of evil, smothering babies in their cribs in an age where people didn't realize that cats just want a warm place to sleep. They became harbingers of death and misfortune. It is for this very reason that the black plague was able to spread so quickly. You see, cats being the hunters that they are, were able to keep the disease spreading populations of rats in check. Without the aid of cats, the rats of Europe were able to spread the plague quite readily. In their panic and fear of the unknown, cats were demonized not only for their past association with gods but for their nocturnal nature that must have seemed quite unnatural to humans in that age.
    It is from this era that the idea of a familiar spirit that can aid a witch or magician developed. From its history it has changed into something wonderful that anyone of any path can tap into for its benefits. A familiar can be any kind of animal or creature that can aid you in bringing you closer to nature and the spiritual world. The idea of a familiar animal or creature can be felt in the best way when you are able to relate to that animal or creature in a personal way.

   For example, I have a friend who is saving her money so that she can have a snake for a familiar. I know another person who has a spider for theirs. And its not unheard of to have a pet rat, ferret, rabbit, dog, or any kind of animal whether it is domesticated or not. A familiar will have a kinship with you that is deeper than just a pet and its owner can experience.

  For instance, my familiar appears in my dreams at times and guides me in certain situations, enabling me to learn from him in a special and very spiritual way. My cat who is still very much a kitten at this stage, will be my guardian who will protect me by deflecting any harmful magic sent my way. He can join me in rituals and magic, with his presence allowing me to be drawn closer to the animal spirit and nature itself. He is my bridge between the physical and the spiritual in this way, acting as a gateway into the spirit world.

   Animals are uncomplicated and feel emotions in a much purer way than humans do. They do not create prejudices in their minds, they love unconditionally, and they are able to feel the 'spirit' of a situation in a natural way. Other familiars I have had in the past were so close to me, that they had their own spot on my altar just for them. I have done magic with them, and on them.

   I could tell many stories of how they helped me in rituals, and how they warned me about situations, and how I learned how to be closer to nature through them. They have made my life with magic and witchcraft so much richer! And what better way for Satanists, who generally gravitate towards earthly things than to have a special relationship with something that is so close to nature.

- Venus Satanas

Selected Books On Satanism and The Occult

December 13, 2014
Hey! I've compiled a list of some of the best books on Satanism and Magic at my website in a bibliography. These ten books are influential in the occult and they may just help you to advance in many ways. I have included books that were useful to me when I first started out in the occult, as well. I hope you find the list to be interesting and useful on your journeys in the occult. You can purchase any of these books by clicking on the links. Bibliography

Symbols of Satanism - The Pentagram and Goat

August 19, 2014

The Bessy Pentagram [shown on right] is one of many versions of the Baphomet that is so familiar to Satanists. It was from the book known as the History of Witchcraft and the Supernatural, written by Maurice Bessy. The symbol itself goes back much further than that but it had always been associated with Satan and the forces of the Underworld. It is a known fact that LaVey drew up his own version of this pentagram and baphomet, and took from it the same elements of design, including the "Leviathan" word that encircles the symbol. Due to the popularization of this symbol as 'Satanic' it is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Satanism, much like the adoption of the Roman Cross became a Symbol of Christianity after 400ad.

The controversy over this symbol exists even within Satanism. While the Church of Satan claims to own copyright on this specific symbol, the simple truth is, that they do not. The original Bessy pentagram and all earlier versions of it are in the public domain. Public domain images can not be copyrighted. Now that it is an internationally recognized symbol of Satanism in general it is most certainly in the public domain as a religious symbol, which can not be copyrighted either. The Satanic Church does have their own specific version of this symbol which is known as the LaVeyan pentagram.

LaVey had little regard from which he took his inspiration from, piecing together his versions of Satanism from various odd sources. Within the Church of Satan the book written by Bessy was used as a prop, much like LaVey adopted the Bessy pentagram for symbolic purposes.
From the COS website: []

"In its early days, the Church of Satan used the version seen on the cover of the Bessy book on its membership cards and stationery as well as on the medallions which were created both by hand and by professional manufacturers."

The 'Leviathan' spelled in Jewish letters surrounding the symbol came from an earlier versions of the Baphomet, found in various books. In the 1700's there was a symbol of the Baphomet within a circle in the book 'The History of Magic'. This symbol was paired with the upright pentagram [or as some call it, the pentacle] around this were the words 'Samael and Lilith' and it is often referred to as the Samael and Lilith Pentagram. Its purpose was to illustrate the unholy union of Samael, the Jewish angel of Death, and Lilith, the Queen of Demons in jewish mythology.

All of these symbols - the goat, the names of Jewish demons, point to the obvious connection between Satanism and Judaism. Even deeper than its christian association, the Judaic aspects of satanism are represented by the Goat - known as Azazel.. this was the Scapegoat of tradition that was sacrificed to the wild, who carried the sins of the people. it was natural then to associate and contrast the Jewish goat with the christian sheep, the natural reaction of Christians being that the goat represents evil, or the devil. This tradition has continued to this day.

In Reply To Many Recent Letters on Satanism

June 13, 2014
Hey there, just to clear something up - after reading my mail here i noticed several trends in what people are asking for...

I do not own a church or organization, I am not recruiting for any organizations, I do not promote religion. In addition I can not help you to make a pact with Satan to make you insanely rich, nor do I speak for Satan.

My website and videos, etc are aimed at independent studies in Satanism. I try to provide a variety of resources and let my readers and viewers come to their own conclusions about what Satanism should represent to them. I believe it is only fair. After all, many Satanists come from Christian and other monotheistic backgrounds where they had been forced to accept certain things about religion and spirituality without question.

Since I do not run an organization, I can not recruit you into my "church". A church or organization does not exist in my name. Getting recruited or indoctrinated into an organization does not guarantee your success in Satanism, nor does it make you "better" than any other person who is independent of activities like that.

Sure, organizations offer an opportunity to socialize with others of like mind, and some even offer the opportunity for you to learn some things that would take a long time for you to find out on your own. But, for those that chose to be independent, getting tangled in the politics and drama that organizations in Satanism so often provide proves to be a good way to sidetrack yourself from the real goals that you could be pursuing.

My own personal methods revolve around spirituality, and so because of this my focus is often on non religious methods of Satanism. It is a way to experience the path without being burdened by rules and regulations. It also offers me the freedom to explore whatever suits my fancy when it comes to magic and ritual.

Pacts for Money - how often do i get letters about this? Every day! See, if pact making with Satan to bring tons of money or a high level of success into your life was that easy, don't you think that everyone would be doing it? Wow, yeah..I could have been a rock star, or had millions of dollars in my bankroll if it was that easy. There would be no suffering or poverty in the world and everyone would convert to Satanism for that simple fact. Heh.

Truth is, selling ones soul for financial gain is a myth that was started by Christians long ago, in attempt to dissuade or prevent people from going to the dark side to fulfill their desires.

And no, I nor anyone else can speak for Satan. Your experience with Satan, like any other god or spiritual being, is a personal experience. I can describe what I have experienced but your own time on this path will determine what is right for you. For some, this prospect is frightening because they are entering into uncharted territory, where they never have been before. They may be used to having a priest tell them what to do and how to do it, and as far as I am aware, that's just not how Satanism works. You make your own choices, and you have the freedom to live the way that you want.

Now, that's not to say that getting advice is a wrong thing, but that to be told what to do and how to do it and to expect another to communicate to and from Satan (when you should be doing it yourself!) isn't the best thing to do. Of course, sharing your experiences with others is a great way to gain insight, but when others are literally telling you what to do and how to feel, and how to act, you have essentially given up the freedom that you sought when you came to the path.