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February 24, 2011
There aren't too many women in Satanism.. A review of gender differences by the sociologist James R. Lewis in his 2001 Satan Survery revealed that women make up only about 30% of (known) Satanists worldwide. I am quite sure that number has grown over the years as the internet has made Satanism available to anyone who is interested in it.

So, just for fun and just for the ladies, I have created a side project that focuses on beauty and cosmetic reviews. It's been received well in the Satanic community and it's really fun to work on in my spare time. Writing reviews for cosmetics serves several purposes in my life: First of all, I would like to provide first hand knowledge to those who are searching for cosmetic reviews. And secondly, I know that women in Satanism will appreciate this project simply because some women really enjoy cosmetics. Also, it is relaxing and its a break from my usual writings on Satanism so it provides another creative and relaxing outlet for me to work on. And finally, I have been developing my own line of beauty, bath and cosmetic products for my Etsy Shop and for my Satanas Shop, too - so understanding the industry as a consumer is important for me especially since I would like to concentrate on the field of beauty now, and in the future.

For those of you who are interested in beauty and cosmetics. come and check out my Beauty Blog - its called Venus Beauty, and I post reviews of my favorite, and not-so-favorite beauty products. I have a passion for writing reviews of cosmetics, and I have been doing that for several years over at a place called

I wanted to expand on that, and it's why I created my blog for beauty, and its also why I am writing reviews for cosmetics over at a place called Squidoo. I have enjoyed Squidoo writing for about 4 years now, but my Squidoo account for beauty reviews is focused solely on beauty, cosmetics, makeup reviews and things like that. You can come check out my beauty blog, my Squidoo pages for beauty and my YouTube channel for beauty reviews by following these links below:

The Venus Beauty Blog - Reviews of cosmetics and so much more!
My Squidoo Beauty and Cosmetic Reviews - A page that lists all of my Squidoo Lenses (pages)
My Venus Beauty Channel at Youtube - Video reviews of cosmetics, when blogging about them isn't enough!

And, for an update on my situation:
We are working hard to make sure that we get out of this house as quickly as possible. My husband has some cash comming in from several jobs that he's done in the past few weeks so we are looking forwad to getting a new place as soon as we can. And I've been working hard too.

I want to thank all of you who have wshed us well - it really made a difference and it helped us through this tough time.  Now, I want to give something back, so I have been at my chatroom (At my Venus Satanas Live site!) and I have been doing live Video  DANCES for those who want to see me dance and also, I've been doing TAROT READINGS for those who are interested in live video Tarot readings.

Dancing has been therapeutic for me, I really enjoy how it makes me feel and I would love to share that feeling with you, so if you are interested, follow this link below to meet with me in my chatroom so we can discuss the details on how you can purchase your own Dance session or Tarot reading session - or we can just chat about Satanism if you'd like, that's all right with me!

My pole is set up right in front of my altar - its absolutely amazing - and it will be here until the last day that we are here in this house - so I want to take advantage of this situation and offer my dances and tarot reads while I can. Thank you!

Here is the link to my chatroom - Venus Satanas Live Chatroom
Link to my beauty Blog - Venus Beauty
Link to my Squidoo Pages - My Lensography

Blessed Beast ~  Venus Satanas