October 14, 2012

Memorial for My Husband, Bill Harris

Yes I know that I haven't been blogging, but for the past several months, I have had all to do to move out of my old house and out here into the country, into our motorhome. I really like living out in the country, it has brought me closer to nature, closer to Satan. But, there is something still missing from my life..read on to find out what [who] it is.. Sad news, everyone. After a long illness, my husband has passed away. This happened on 10/08/2012 . Right now I feel so devastated, Bill was the love of my life and we have been through so much with our marriage since 2006. We found out that Bill had stage 4 cancer, after we got him into the emergency room on a Sunday. By next Sunday he had passed away. There really wasn't anything that they could do for him and I just can't believe that a week before he was here with me, talking with me, but in a lot of pain. Bill had broken bones in his spine, his shoulder and his arm. He had been to the doctors so many times before and the last few times, I went with him too. I just wanted his doctors to know everything that Bill was going through and I wanted to support Bill, too, and help him to get around in his wheelchair. Yes, after a while Bill could no longer walk and had to use a wheelchair. I know that Bill was in a lot of pain, more pain than anyone should have to endure in fact, and that now he is in peace and no longer has to hurt. Even still, it hurts the ones that he has left behind. I wrote a beautiful memorial for him, and you can read it at my website. Please visit this page, read it, discover how you can help, and leave your comments at the memorial page. Thank you
Bill Harris - My Husband - A Memorial

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Anonymous said...

I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I just found this out. All my love to you.

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